Global Prophecies


Words in order of predicted events, with the present season at the top and words relating to the end of the age and the BEAST EMPIRE at the end. [UK] indicates global words with a UK emphasis, (find more in List C). Or click on the No's List,  (the highest No is the most recent word added to the site), or the Titles below that.

Prophecy No's List:

A1, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9**A10, A11, A12, A13, A15, A17, A18, A19, A20, A21, A22, A23*, A24**, A25**, A26, A27, A28, A29, A30, A31, A37, A38, A40**A41, A42*, A43***, A44, A45**, A46, A47, A48, A49, A50, A51, A52, A53, A54, A55, A56, A57, A58, A59, A60, A61, A62**, A63, A64, A65, A66, A67, A68**, A69**, A70, A71, A72**, A73, A74, A75, A76, A77, A78, A79, A80, A81, A82, A83, A83a (note added), A84, A85 (The Plan),  A85L (Voxx article), Latest linksA86, A87, A88, A89, A90 (vid), A91 (vids), A92 (vid), A93 (article), A93a (health protocols), A94

Prophecy Titles:

A94) Start of Final Voxxine article, (ongoing

A93a) Possible antivox health protocols: (I may not be able to keep this or other vox info online for long)

A93) Article: 2024; Potential Death Increase Warning, (this is a watchman not a prophetic warning), from Home Page, Sept 2023

A92) A Great Shaking coming upon the church,  set eyes fully on Jesus as only they will stand, first 3 min’s of video below, (Mrs Garcia, 3rd Sept 2023)...

(A90) (Video), Esteemed Catholic Archbishop Vigano’s Call for Christians to Unite and Stand Against the Emerging Global Authoritarian Dictatorship, added to emphasise that this is the end times season.

(A89) Avoid Falling into Unbelief by following Jesus’ Teachings.  Prepare for the End Times and Emerging Global Government, (Steve Dobbs, 26th July, 2022): "I saw was a picture of red carpet being rolled out towards white steps that led up the front of a white building, which was looming large despite being further away in the background. The white building had pillars at the front of it and emanated a soft, subtle, off white coloured light that was almost tinged with yellow, (a bit like that from an old fashioned light bulb or gas light), i.e. it wasn’t a blinding white light but was definitely of God. The building and the light that came from it represented Gods Kingdom.  [more info]

(A85L) (Article): The Voxxines and booster jibs, (words changed to avoid censorship), (S. Dobbs, ongoing): "Latest scientific news, latest peer reviewed research, mRNAm, (fPfizer and Moderna's) and DNA, (AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson's) voxxines create spike proteins that most recent research find do enter the blood stream, contrary to what these companies claimed, from where they can danage every system in the body. In all/most animal studies since 2004 these genetic based "voxxines" caused cytokine storms and Antibody Dependant Enhancement, (A.D.E), once these voxxinated animals were infected by a carona virus which led to mutiple organ failure and mass fatalities. No human trials were, therefore, ever underatken]..." [more info

(A86) An authoritarian system will creep in quickly and surreptitiously, like the tide of a shallow fast advancing sea. God will be at work too though, like an end times sunset, (S. Dobbs, 29th, April, 2021): "I saw there were mud flats beyond the sand on this beach, where the sea would go out a very long way, at times almost as far out as to the horizon. The sea would, therefore, be shallow for a long way, out and the waves small, a foot at most and sometimes only a few inches high. When the tide turned the sea, however, would move in surprisingly fast because it had to cover a long distance to reach the shoreline. It crept in quietly and surreptitiously, though, almost like a great moving lake, as its waves were small and the depth..." [more info

(A85) also an (Article): THE GLOBALIST'S PLAN; Cavid Assists Moves Towards Global Governance, (words changed to avoid censorship), (S. Dobbs, April 2nd, 2021): Of Course the Globalists are conspiring to take power in the end times by... A) Rigging the death figures so that.. B) Lackdowns can be introduced, butressed by... C) Increasing media control, assisting... D) Changing the economic system, also... E) Influencing the US election results. F) Increasing authoritarian controls. G) Introducing track and trace to monitoring everyone’s movements, introducing... H) Voxxines and... I) Voxxine Passports. Next will be... J) Chip in the hand vax passports, to prepare people in advance for... K) A Chip in the hand to buy and sell; the 666 mark of the beast, in a cashless society..." [more info

(A40) The Beast from the Earth, Interfaith and the Dangers of Self Promotion Amongst Some Christians, (S. Dobbs, 2005): "... the Lord showed me that the beast from the earth symbolises an Inter Faith organisation that will evolve over time, eventually  emerging as the antichrists one world religion in the end times. This present prophecy shows how parts of the body of Christ are already being softened up in advance of this by the enemy today. Many Christians will end up compromising with this inter faith religion in the future as they abandon true faith in Christ. The Lord showed me that this is “ON OUR DOORSTEP” [more info]

(A62) An Occult Anointing and Fallen Angels Will Soon Sweep Across the USA, (S. Dobbs, 2010): “Firstly there were fallen angels appearing as angels of light:" This unerlines this aspect of the above prophecy, i.e. No A40. The first area of deception was depicted as a picture of a church in the U.S.A, (this could perhaps apply to other nations too). This was symbolic of what is going to start happening in many churches, particularly those across the USA. In this picture someone in the congregation declared that God was going to send an angel to them and that it would bring with it a new anointing that would start a revival in that church. Only a couple of Christians..." [more info]

(A88) A Wave of Deception and the Great Falling Away of 2 Thess 2; 3, "the falling away/apostasy comes first," i.e. Before Revival, (S. Dobbs, April 2022): "These are biblical supports for A40 and A62 (above), footnotes to support word NO A40. 2Thess 2 predicts a falling away will be one of the first signs of the end times, not a revival, so the great harvest follows after a falling away of believers from the faith..." [more info]

(A84) The end times are here, a spiritual experience/warning, (S. Dobbs, 5th Dec, 2020): "I’ve had this type of spiritual experience twice in 2020, once around about Feb, the second two months or so later. I will refer to the first one as this was the clearest and most vivid. It was near the start of 2020, during the temporary food shortages, which I think were when the luckdown, or when the carona viras restrictions, were first announced. I went to my local Tesco’s Express store as usual. I was surprised to see the changes they had introduced for the first time. There was tape on the ground outside to help with..." [more info]

(A72) The E.U, Globalists, atheism, a One World Government, Luciferianism, and Satans Perspective, (S. Dobbs, Jan 2017):“Move Mountains, the Mountains of the E.U, clear a space for the people, breathing room from the covering spiritual atmosphere. The Movement towards the One Great Mountain, the One World Government, that the secretive ones have made preparations and plans to build, is already underway. Academics with their academic plans are behind this. They have delusions; these delusions have risen...”[more info]

(A11) Ezeikiel 38, the Gog of Magog War, Israel, Followed by a Move of Gods Spirit  Across The Middle East, (S. Dobbs, 2002):As I was reading Ezekiel 38, verse 10 stood out, highlighted by the Holy Spirit. Ez 38; 10… "On that day it shall come to pass that thoughts will arise in your mind, and you (Gog of Magog) will make an evil plan". (N.K.J.V)... As I continued to look at the scripture a map appeared in my minds eye. Although I had no knowledge of geography of the area I saw straight away that this was of the northern border of Iraq, where it met that of Turkey to the north and Syria to the west..." [more info]

(A78) Abaddon/Apollyon Rising, (S. Dobbs, late 1990’s): "Sometime in the second half of the 1990’s I sensed that the Lord was showing me that a new demonic force had been released upon the world, fallen angelic, which would be linked to the rising up of the beast empire in the future.".. This was some time ago and I’m a little vague on this now but I remember thinking at the time that  this was linked in some way to the fallen angel named Abadon and Apollyon, or was in fact that fallen angel" [more info

(A70) Brexit Prayer, E.U and Last Days, (S. Dobbs and others, Nov 2016):The big guns of the forces of darkness in the E.U are in place, in preparation for the upcoming national elections within major E.U nations,” (these include the coming French and German elections). The New Age Movement is rising. This is E.U related and will be followed by the Beast Empire,” (see the Book of Revelations Ch 13). Some will be overwhelmed by the enormity of this because they have not realised... [more info]

(A75) Carona viris Politics, the Lackdown, the Globalist Agenda, Donald Trump and Brexit, (S. Dobbs, 21st June, 2020):  "Wake up and see the fruit of their ways. I saw a great big black hole in the ground. It was so dark that I couldn’t see the bottom of it. I saw that, (part of), the church appeared to be on a trajectory to move dangerously close to this black hole but that at present it did not seem as though they would actually fall into it but would move closer to it as if to pass by near the side of this hole. I then saw the words, “home bound,” it was as if most of us had retreated from our duties as..." [more info]

(A74) Chaos and Confusion, the Cavid Carona viris and the end times, (S. Dobbs, May 5th, 2020)"I then saw a picture of a dust storm along with the words “chaos and confusion.” I saw that within this dust storm the devil was able to promote a multitude of his other schemes far more easily. Many people were distracted and had reduced visibility concerning what was really going on due to the chaos and confusion caused by the cavid  situation." [more info]

(A73) Brexit and Trump, (S. Dobbs, 2018): A year or so ago I believe that God showed me that He was using Brexit, (the UK’s exit from the E.U), and Trumps surprising election win to slow down the devils move towards a One World Government, buying time for God to prepare sections of the church to resist this for a season in the way predicted in the Book of Revelations."  [more info

(A82) The Implementation of Cardless, Cashless Technology, 666, (Mark Alderdge, 2004): "I saw a picture of an archery target…. The bull’s-eye symbolised the period covering the introduction of the mark of the beast up until the end of this age at the centre of this target…  The central bulls’ eye was coloured red and this colour bled out into the lighter colour of the inner ring next to it. This was showing us that some of the events associated with the last season in the end times will start earlier on..." [more info]

(A79) There will be a bombardment of our senses as we head into the end times, (S. Dobbs 2003): "I saw a picture of a grave which symbolised the lost souls of all those unbelievers who had died without having received Christ. Meanwhile though many of the Christians had sought amusements for themselves in their meetings and ignored the plight of these unbelievers. Jesus was emphasising the need to "die to the self in the Christian life...I saw a picture of different routes that Christians could choose to follow. The choices were down to each person’s freewill. Some routes were more in line ..." [more info]

(A81), Global Economic Problems, with China on Fire, (Amanda F's Vision, Sept 2020); "I saw in my spirit, I saw a room, and in this room there was a huge screen it was a huge screen, made of different screens. And President Trump was right there, there were a group of people talking to him, and President Trump was there and they were pointing to him code, lines of code that was on the screen and also graphs, like, you know like stock market graphs..." [more info

(A71) Video: "The Wave of Delusion is Here" (Victoria Segres Bates, 7th Jan 2017): Someone recently sent me this remarkable video from a prophetess. I cannot yet find it on You Tube. It summarises what I have been receiving prophetic warnings about myself since 2005 but relays this message in a much deeper way due to the depth of emotion that comes across in this video. I think this maybe Gods final word on the subject. Please click on the following link. It is the video near the top of Victoria’s Facebook page found at;..." [more info]

(A66) The Dangers of Falling Away Amongst Ministers, (S. Dobbs, Aug 2015): I received a very sudden and clear picture of many foreign faces looking up from a large crowd, as if at an outside gathering looking up at a stage. I knew this was the start of a prophecy for that minister and her husband who were organising a prayer event. The picture referred to the situation in foreign lands though not their own, (not the USA). This is what I understood God to be sating as more images and keywords came from the Spirit as I sought further on this. Please test this as one should..." [more info]

(A80) A Warning to Christian Youtubers and Channels, (JourneywD'B, link, Nov 1st 2015)“A warning to Christian YouTubers… YouTubers or Christian YouTubers who have Channels on here and are making videos and posting and trying to spread the gospel or trying to speak truth or are trying to support the bible and all of that, the warning to you is that there is a wind coming and the wind is already here, and that wind will begin to blow, and has already begun, and just like you have, when you see a storm coming, you can feel..." [more info]

(A68) A Falling Away of Ministers, Interfaith, Grassroots Christianity, 666, the One World Religion, (S. Dobbs, 2014): I received this word for an intercessor in the UK in Aug 2014, however, it contains information and warnings that could prove useful for all of us... “Daughter of Zion, link to the older styled ministries because many of the newer, modern ministries are dissolving into deception. The secrets of men’s hearts are about to be exposed within the structures of modern Christian set ups. The blindness of many modern mind sets will be revealed, of those who seek to be overlords, ministers who seek..." [more info]

(A65) [UK], The Times are Dark. the Kingdom of Light, (David Noakes, March 2015): "I believe the Lord wants me to say, "Beloved, the times are dark, and will become darker yet, and this is something which is already well known to you, you sense it in your hearts and the signs of the times make it clear. Beloved you are my people, dear to my heart, I know the secrets of every heart, I know the courage and confidence in me which you have. I know also the fears which arise, I know all too well how the Father of lies will come to my people even as he came to me, to inspire trepidation, to..." [more info]

(A47) Vision - Economy on Life Support, (B. H. Nov 3, 1997): The Lord showed me a body laying on a bed in a hospital setting. The patient was named The Economy. His chart was at the foot of his bed and the lines on the graphs seemed to be marked by sharp up and down turns... He was breathing "falsely". He was surrounded by many specialists who were doing many things to keep him alive. He was totally on artificial life support. Just then, the Chief Physician came in, looked at the patient, and declared, "This patient is dead. Let that which is dead die." With his own finger, he threw the..." [more info]

(A50) Christian Ministries, (B. Jenkinson, 18-11-08): “I saw a picture of a large jumbo jet stopped in mid-flight and fall to the ground.  In its place I saw a number of small gliders-dependent on the wind.  I sensed God saying that many ministries, companies and organizations that looked as if they were well established and secure will fail, because they are not (or have stopped being) dependent on Him.  In contrast, the gliders are fully dependent on the wind, of His Spirit. [more info]

(A55) [USA], Great Judgements, (Stanley Frodisham, 1965): "With great judgements will plead with the population of this country. Great darkness is coming upon the countries that have heard My gospel but no longer walk in it. My wrath shall come upon them. The darkness shall be so great and the anguish so sore that men shall cry out for death and shall not find it. There shall be a lingering death, famine and great catastrophes... My wrath shall be manifest against all ungodliness. It shall come with great intensity. You have known my love but have not experienced My wrath or My severity. My judgements..." [more info

(A48) Days of Deception, Darkness and Decernment. A Word for 2009 onwards, (Sharon Stone, Nov 2008):The Lord says; “Deception entered the earth, It entered the garden as a snake, the Deceiver is again waiting at the door....Like a snake the world is winding around many issues.  But, God says; I will surround, support and prop up My people.  So Protect your minds, I will even cause you to discern blatant deception from the media... The serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, continue in the simplicity that is in Me.  If one comes and preaches another Jesus, don’t receive a different spirit..." [more info]

(A46) New Era, (B. Franklin, 2008): "A new era will soon begin.... The disguised "unification of the world" will set the stage for the anti-Christ.  Much of the church has been anesthetized by "peer-pressure" and will struggle to remain the salt of the earth.  Persecution of true and vibrant believers will mark this end-time "unity" as they won't bow to "bail"! Selah!... Many will be sucked into heresy and a counterfeit spirit sent to confuse the elect.  But the "overcomers" are as bright as the sun and will shine like stars in the heavens.  They will be the trophy of God and will bring great glory to the Lord before the heavenly hosts!"  [more info]

(C93), The Commando Army, (Ron McKenzie, for New Zealand mainly but also relevant to the rest of the western world): "We are nearing a time of great spiritual battle. At present God is preparing a Commando Army which can fight and win under tough conditions with few resources. Then He will drop a bomb which will almost destroy the enemy army and will shatter the conventional forces in God's army... He will then send in the Commando Army which, because of its training, has been unharmed by the bomb. It will defeat the shattered enemy army. It will treat the injured, and reorganize, re-equip and rejuvenate the shattered forces of God's conventional army..." [more info]

(A44) Word From Azusa Street, 1906: "In the last days three things will happen in the great Pentecostal movement:There will be an over-emphasis on power rather than on righteousness.There will be an over-emphasis on praise to a God they no longer pray to.There will be an over-emphasis on the gifts of the Spirit, rather than on the Lordship of Christ." [more info]

(A64) The Cup Is Full, (Danny Louis Albaldo, July 31st, 2011): "The Cup is now full, I have given all ample warning, I have held off my judgment so long, but now, as I am a righteous God, so my judgment comes at a righteous time, and that time is when the cup of sin is full, this unrighteous , unholy cup, is now full, it is starting to spill over, what am I to do, clean up the blood that is over flowing? and indeed I will, but not with A servants cloth, but with a holy fire, that will consume the overflow and the cup that is full... I have no other option, no other choice, I must as a holy and righteous God, do the..." [more info

(A49), [UK] The Coming Season , Avoiding Deception and Overwhelming Spiritual Attacks, (S. Dobbs, March 2009): “I saw that Satan had set traps in the future for those Christians who had wandered away from the route of loyalty to Jesus Christ and serving His purposes here on earth. I saw that Satan would be able to bring a clouding of the spiritual vision of such Christians, so that many of them would have great difficulty in discerning things in the future. The Lord was saying that we were about to enter into a period of history known as the "END TIMES". There would be a bombardment of their senses and..." [more info]

(A37), [UK] A Falling Away, (S. Dobbs, 2003): I saw a picture of a grave which symbolised the lost souls of all those unbelievers who had died without having received Christ. Meanwhile though many of the Christians had sought amusements for themselves in their meetings and ignored the plight of these unbelievers. Jesus was emphasising the need to “die to the self in the Christian life”... I saw a picture of different routes that Christians could choose to follow. The choices were down to each persons freewill. Some routes were more in line with Jesus’ will, others routes were laid out by satan for Christians. I saw that ...[more info]

(A56) Why God Allows Deception in the Church of the Western World - Humility, (S. Dobbs 2005): The Lord showed me a picture of a cube. This symbolised the global church. Above it I saw a layer of grey and off white coloured cloudy smoke. This moved down the left hand side of the cube and entered it from there. The smoke symbolised the influence of deception and to what degree this will influence the worldwide church in the future... Much of the inside of the cube was obscured by this smoke. The smoke was densest in the top right hand part of the cube moving across to its centre. From there..." [more info]

(A57)  A False Teacher Influencing the People of God. (C. Nambasa, July 2004): I saw a white lady, her back towards me, who was looking directly at an open door which had a very bright light in it.  Her legs however were shackled in chains so she could not move through this door.  As I continued looking I saw the chains being loosened from her legs and immediately she started walking through the door.  Though all this was shown to me during the time I was praying for Bristol I also believe that it also applies to Britain.  I did not understand exactly what God was showing me so I prayed..." [more info]

(A59) False Prophets and Bad Sheppard's, (David Noakes, 13th Dec 1994): "What you are now seeing is not the first wave of the deception that is to come, nor will it be the last. Satan is establishing an increasingly strong and broad power base in the churches of your nation in order to draw my people away after false hopes of a cheap and illusory glory of the flesh in this age. Do not look to the men who seem to be the principal instruments of the deception. (I believe that is principally the false prophets who are going around). They are false prophets who come and go like shooting stars. Their judgement is in my..." [more info]

(A38) A Distinction in the Coming Season, (L. Duns, 2004): The Lord gave me this vision. I saw a picture of a rubrics cube; but this cube was only made up of black and white squares, mixed up on all sides. I felt the cube itself symbolised the world... I then saw a pair of hands move the squares around the rubrics cube. The end result was that one side was all white, the rest were all black. There was a separation of the black and white squares!.. I felt the Lord say that in these last days we will see a distinction between the righteous and the unrighteous. That before Jesus returns there will be a Holy Church ... " [more info]

(A60) Two Boats, the True and False Churches, (M. Alleckna):  Something that I take very serious is when children receive something from the Lord. As it says in Acts and Joel, “in the last days the children will prophesy…” About 6 weeks ago our daughter, who is 12 yrs old, woke up one morning and told us about a dream she had that night. It was a “strong” dream. One of those dreams that is so very real and vivid. The kind that you remember clearly and in detail, and that leaves a very strong impression. As it turns out, it was clearly a prophetic dream. In her dream she saw two ships..." [more info]

(A61) The Bride Will Leave Christendom, (Vision by Wayne Thomas, 1993):   Basically, it was a traditional wedding scene. The radiantly beautiful Bride had just stepped out of the Cathedral and was standing on the top step, just outside. Wayne was told that the Bride was LEAVING 'CHRISTENDOM' (AND ALL THAT GOES WITH IT) FOREVER, leaving the 'church' system behind. The Groom (who was Jesus) took her arm, so that He could lead her down and proudly display His beautiful Bride to all the world.Still inside the Cathedral were all the relatives (-the various 'streams' and denominations of the church as..." [more info]

(A69) The Coming One World Rligion, (S. Dobbs, 2011): I) The Catholic Church: I saw that this will provide the structure for this new global religion, how it will function and be organised internally. Outwardly this new religion will also appear more like Catholicism than any other religion but with the core Christian doctrines missing... II) The Interfaith Movement. Satan will use this movement to draw all the world’s religions together into one with promises of ending religious violence and the birth of a “new age” of peace on earth... III) The New Age/occult: This will be the spiritual power behind this new One World Religion." [more info]

(A63) Vision - Escaping the spirit of the age, (Gary/Dagazz, 06-05-11): [Presently retesting this word] Vision of the Present and Coming Western Church – 06-05-11:I saw the people of God scattered in dark foreboding waters. They were broadly scattered and mostly trapped into an apathy of the status quo. As I looked I could see that many were comfortable being scattered and overcome by the spirit of the age, but I sensed a storm was about to shake many out of their apathy and awaken them to repentance and revival… As the sea began to roar in the coming storm I was able to... [more info]

(A1) A  Prophetic Word For Today (J. Richardson, 2004): "You have entered into a season where I am pouring out of my Spirit in a very mighty way all around the earth.  The heavens are declaring my glory.  There shall be many signs in the heavens and on the earth.  For this is the day and the hour when men will recognise and realise that I am God and that there is no other... A lot of man-made gods will crumble.  A lot of things that man has poured so much of their time, effort and worship into will crumble.... I am raising up in this earth a people who are consumed with Me; a people..." [more info]

(A30) The Great Awakening, (Hudson Taylor's Vision of 1855): I saw in this vision a great war that encompasses the world. I saw this war recede and then start again, actually being two wars... After this I saw much unrest and revolts that will affect many nations. I saw in some places spiritual awakenings... ‘In Russia I saw there will come a general all-encompassing national spiritual awakening so great that there could never be another like it. From Russia I saw the awakening spread to many European countries. Then I saw an all-out awakening, followed by the coming of Christ’ [more info]

(A31) Gods End Times Sunset, Revival and Catholic Believers, (S. Dobbs, 2005)I was shown a beautiful /awesome sunset which represented Gods Spirit and glory being revealed through the genuine church in the very end times. There were deep reds, blues, purple, orange, golden and yellow colours within it as you would see in the most spectacular natural sunsets. God showed me that the red, blue and purple colours symbolised the glory of God that will be revealed within the (former) protestant parts of the global body of Christ as His Spirit moves powerfully in the end times. The yellow." [more info]

(A9), [UK] A Prophetic Word for Europe including Britain and France, (John Mulinde, 1996): The whole picture cuts across the World covering nations like USA, UK, France and rest of Europe as well as Israel, the former Soviet Union and the African continent... One day as we prayed for Western Europe, I had a picture shown to me in the Spirit. In this picture I saw the map of the continent of Europe and as I looked, there came out of this map a big pillar of smoke. It was a tall, thick and dark pillar of heavy black fumes as from a factory chimney. The fumes rose up very slowly and gradually began spreading out." [more info]

(A5), [UK] A Wave of the Spirit coming to Britain from Africa (L. Duns,1996):  In 1996, after a time of prayer, the Lord gave me this vision.  It was of an enormous tidal wave which was golden in colour. It came from Africa and hit this country with such force that it saturated our nation. God was showing us that a mighty move of the Spirit was going to come to Britain from Africa.I felt that the golden colour represented God's love and purity from heaven.  I saw this tidal wave break upon Bristol in the South West of England."  [more info]

(A17), [UK] Two Great Waves of the Spirit Coming to Britain from Africa, and the Two Lampstands, (Mark Aldrige, 2004): “I saw there would be two great moves of the Spirit into Britain. Both would come from Africa. The first would result in the great move of the Spirit out from Britain which was predicted by Smith Wigglesworth. The second would occur several years later and mark the beginning of the period of prophesy and power of the two lampstands as referred to in the book of Revelation...”   [more info]

(A6), [UK] The Great Revival, (Smith Wigglesworth, 1947): During the next few decades there will be two distinct moves of the Holy Spirit across the church in Great Britain.  The first move will affect every church that is open to receive it and will be characterised by a restoration of the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit... The second move of the Holy Spirit will result in people leaving historic churches and planting new churches... In the duration of each of these moves, the people who are involved will say, “This is a great revival” but the Lord says “No, neither is the great revival but both are steps towards it." [more info]

(A8), [UK] Smith Wigglesworths Great Move of the Spirit and its effect in the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2004): In 2004 I was puzzled by Smith Wigglesworth’s word/prediction "The Great Revival".  At first glance this word appeared to imply that the greatest ever global move of God will start in the U.K. This impression arises because the first three predictions contained in this word relate specifically to this nation, [Note added in 2009 - these predictions also relate to events in other Western nations and beyond too], i.e. the baptism and gifts of the Spirit being restored, the new church phase..." [more info]

(A53), [UK] Further Insights into Smith Wigglesworth's Prediction of a Great Revival, (S. Dobbs, 2009):  I was shown that Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecy is looking at the Great Revival from a British perspective. This was because Smith Wigglesworth was himself a British man who was mainly prophesying to British Christians at an Elim Convention in Britain. I saw that this does not mean however that the Great global Revival itself will necessarily centre on Britain, start in Britain or that it will have more power in Britain than anywhere else in the world. Today many..."  [more info]

(A7), [UK] A Move of the Spirit from Africa, the Falling Away and the Two Lampstands, (Mark Aldrige, 2004): in 2004, as I was praying about this apparent contradiction, I received the following pictures and word which seemed to link these two previous prophesies. The following flashed across my minds eye. I saw a pond, with concentric ripples in it, similar to those one would see if a stone were thrown into the centre of a lake. However instead of starting at the centre of the pool and moving out towards its edge as would normally happen, these ripples started at the edge of the pool..." [more info]

(A13), Three Stages to the Great Revival, (Smith Wigglesworth,1939): Smith Wigglesworth received this word from the Holy Spirit as he was praying in 1939.He saw there would be three stages to the Great Revival,1. Miracles 2. Teaching, 3. Miracles and Teaching.. [more info]

(A15), [UK] A Period of Teaching and Discernment During a Move of God, (S. Dobbs, 2004): In 2004, as I was praying about Smith Wigglesworth’s prediction of a great move of Gods Spirit in Britain, I received the following word in the form of a visual impression. I believe this to have been from the Holy Spirit... I saw that once the initial first thrust of this move had finished there would be a season of teaching and discernment within the British church.  Although no exact length of time was indicated I had the impression that this would be one of the major focuses in Britain for a couple of yrs."  [more info] 

(A54) Global Changes in the Church, (C. Simpson, 1993):  When the Apostles came and spoke of the Lord, they spoke of an age to come. They spoke of having tasted of the powers of the age to come. And they spoke of men and women coming from all corners of the earth and sitting in the Kingdom of God with the Lord Jesus... But many who heard them had their faith in the age that was and even though they said and professed that their faith was in the age to come as the age around them collapsed, so did their faith collapse, for they could not comprehend what was taking place. Though they had received..." [more info]

(A10) The Lord's Promise to Reveal Himself to the Muslim People, (L. Duns, 1998): In the summer of 1998, after watching the news, I sat thinking about the Muslim nations and how blessed I was to know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I was praying for the Muslim peoples and thinking about the many conflicts that have been fought and argued about concerning God’s name and who He really is . During this time the Lord spoke to me very clearly and said that He was going to reveal Himself to the Muslim nations and that He Himself will tell them who He really is... A few years on..." [more info]

(A41) Muslims Loosing Their Faith in Islam and Joining the Interfaith Movement. (S. Dobbs, 1998):I perceived the three main monotheistic religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Although each differs they do have this in common, they all believe that there is only one God and only one way to God. They all oppose the views contained in Hinduism, Buddhism, The New Age and many other religions. These other religions believe that God has many faces and that there are many ways to God and the afterlife. I saw that it will therefore be easier for these other..." [more info]

(A42) A Realigning of National Churches in the Global Body of Christ, (S. Dobbs, 2005):On the 29th of August 2005 the Holy Spirit gave me the following short vision: I saw many different plants, these represented the churches of different nations. Some of these were large because they had grown much in the past, others were smaller. The soil they were all growing in was more fertile in some parts of the ground than in others. The larger plants were now surrounded by soil that had become stony, hard, dry and less fertile. Some of the smaller plants however were now growing in soil that had become..." [more info]

(A26) The African and Chinese Churches, the Two Lampstand  and Rev Ch 11, (S. Dobbs, Oct 2003):As I was praying with a friend in 2003 he suddenly exclaimed that “the Holy Spirit was going to be showing me what the two lampstands symbolised.”.. Although my friend doesn’t make many mistakes when hearing God I nonetheless thought it best to take a cautious approach to his word. I therefore decided that I would not seek for a word on this issue but would leave it in the hands of God. About a week passed and as the Lord had not initiated anything I started to forget about this..."  [more info]

(A27) The Lampstands/Churches of the Western World and S. America, (S. Dobbs, 2003): [With notes added  in 2020]: In the summer of 2003,a couple of months after I’d received the previous word on the 2 lampstands, I believe that the Lord revealed to me a third lampstand (one not mentioned in Rev 11). This was the church of the WESTERN WORLD which consisted of believers from Western Europe and the United States of America. God showed me that this part of the global body of Christ is specifically referred to in Rev 3 v 14-22, in the letter to the church of Laodicea... The Spirit also showed me that the falling away of believers..."  [more info]

(A4), [UK] The Raising up of the Black Race in the End Times, (S. Dobbs, 2003): I received this from the Holy Spirit whilst praying in August 2003:"Many black Christians in Britain have already set their minds on seeking revival for this nation as their priority. When God moves by His Spirit He will therefore be raising up many black Christians within the British church". "The Lord is going to be turning the tables on all that's gone before, on many of the influences satan has had in Britain in the past, parti... [more info]

(A19) The Events of the Book of Revelation have Started, (Mark Aldrige, 2003):“I saw a picture of a tapestry with all the events of the book of revelation depicted on it. A man was standing looking at this as if it were on a wall in an art gallery. This symbolised the detached way in which one could read the book of revelation up until recently.... Next I saw the same tapestry coil around the man and form a circular wall around him. This symbolised the season we had now entered into. The events in the book of revelation had started to take place and we are now participants in them.” [more info]

(A18) The Four Seasons Before the End of this Age, (Mark Aldrige, 2004): As I was praying in 2004 I saw a picture of an archery target. I believe this to have been from God. It revealed the four seasons from the present time through to the end of this age... The target had a bull’s-eye at its centre with three rings around it. Each ring symbolised one of these seasons as did the bulls-eye. The outer ring symbolised the present season. The second ring symbolised the beginning of the great move of the Spirit, as predicted by Smith Wigglesworth, and the years that immediately follow this..." [more info]

(A20) Islamic Terrorism and Western Authoritarianism, (Mark Aldrige, 2003):  "Satan is stirring up Islamic terrorism as a smoke screen behind which he is bringing about his greater purposes. The greater threat is not this terrorism but the reaction of the Western powers to it. They will become increasingly militaristic and authoritarian as they seek to dominate the world." [more info]

(A21) The defeat of Islam followed by a more powerful, deceiving foe (Eliyahu Ben-Hain, 2003): "Darkness will cover the earth, war is coming. Islam will be defeated. The church will relax believing the fight is over but it is not. Another prince is rising who is more powerful and will deceive and captivate many. Remain on guard, continue to stand your watch. We are in a time of war. The victory is mine. The cost is great." [more info]

(A22) The defeat of Islam and the danger of the counterfeit peace that will follow, (D. Noakes, 2003): “Strengthen my people in the knowledge of their God and of His Word.  Bring to them the whole council of God that they may not be taken by surprise or deceived in the days to come. Do not fear Islam for this principality shall not prevail. It has thrown down a gauntlet of challenge to the God of Israel and I have accepted that challenge. This power shall be put to shame and destroyed for I have taken the battlefield stand with me and fight for I am with you to overcome.  Islam will fall but not..."  [more info]

(A43) The Interfaith Movement and a False Form of Christianity, (S. Dobbs, 2006): “The Interfaith movement will be the greatest danger to Christians in the future. This is the reason Satan is stirring up Islamic terrorism. Satan will use this terrorism  to distract the church from the dangers of the interfaith movement, to bring about a blinding of Christians... Many Christians today are influenced by materialism. They have many worries about material things. Many build their homesteads in this world. When they see what’s happening in world affairs they fear that Islamic terrorism will have an influence" [more info]

(A52) The European Union, Interfaith, Deception, (S. Dobbs, Aug 2007): I saw that “we were in the calm before the storm in Europe. All will seem calm here before the enemy advances, (the kingdom of darkness)”... “The unity that has occurred previously between Protestants and Catholics will be a forerunner to the Interfaith Movement”. [I assume from this that the unity between Protestants and Catholics came about by human means and not from Gods Spirit moving.]... “There will be great floods of deception coming into Europe and there will be casualties from this in the UK. At a personal level some believers..." [more info]

(A51) Rapid moral decline in Europe. Political links with the USA. (S. Dobbs, Jan 2007): “I was shown that Satan was not using the full entitlement he had to forward his agenda of moral decline in Western Europe. He was deliberately holding back from using all of his ability for the time being. The reason was that the devil didn’t want to deter the Americans from developing closer political ties with Europe. I saw that whilst there are many problems in the USA Christian morality still has a greater influence in their society than in Europe’s. Many US Christians would be more resistant to closer political..." [more info]

(A45) Europe will be the Spiritual Centre of the Beast Empire, (S. Dobbs, 2007): The Lord showed me that “Satan would use Islamiphobia, (the fear of Islam), to promote the interfaith agenda”. To many the interfaith movement will appear to be a useful tool in the battle for hearts and minds, to control/curtail Islamic extremism"... “Envoys will be sent from Europe to the USA, first they will promote closer political links and then the interfaith agenda. The U.K will have great influence in this due to its special relationship with the USA... The spiritual heritage of global Empires coming out from Europe will again arise." [more info]

(A58) False Teachings That Will Enter The Church, (S. Dobbs, July 2006): The Lord ministered this word to me by His Spirit in July 2006. It identifies the following false teachings which although not prevalent in the church at present will become major infiltrations from the kingdom of darkness in the future. The Lord wants us to be prepared for these in advance. Because of the subject matter involved I would like to underline that this did not come about as a result of any rational analysis on my part, none at all; instead it came to me unexpectedly, and quickly, as a series of visual..." [more info]

A76)  The 6th seal, “hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne,” (Rev 6; 15, 16, (Mark Aldridge, approx. 2007): "“And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every freeman, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and the rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb,".. that “the mountains and the rocks,” symbolised the influence of the New Age Movements spirituality..." [more info]

(A23), Three Aspects to the Beast, (S. Dobbs, 1998): As I was reading the book of revelation in 1998 the Holy Spirit came upon me and showed me the following; The Lord showed me that the Beast from the book of revelation symbolised three things: 1. The antichrist leader who would gain control of the entire world... 2. The empire that this leader will rule... 3. The spirit designated by Satan to oversee this empire, (see Rev Ch 17;8 and Ch 9;1&11. Abbaddon means destruction in Hebrew and Apollyon is Greek for destroyer)... [In 1998, after I received this word, I felt that the..." [more info]

(A25) A Counterfeit Christianity, One World Religion, the Beast from the Earth: (S. Dobbs, 2003): I was shown that the Beast from the Earth in Rev 13; 11, will be a religious organisation that will become Satan’s One World Religion in the very end times... I saw that whilst this One World Religion will be interfaith and occult based it will, however, appear outwardly, in many ways, like a form of Christianity and claim to be the true Christian Church. Its belief system will really be New Age, though, and not Christian at all... The Lord showed me that this organisation will emerge from..." [more info

(A24) The Emergence of the Beasts from the Sea in the World Today, the G8, (S. Dobbs, 2003): I was watching a news report on the television at the end of the second gulf war in Iraq. On the screen were pictures of some of the victorious coalition forces driving slowly down a road in tanks and other armoured vehicles. As I watched this scene I suddenly saw some words superimposed upon what I was observing in the natural. I believe this to have been from the Lord. The words I saw were “the dragon (satan) is behind the raising up of the coalition forces” and “this is an early stage of the rising up of the beast..." [more info]

(A87) The Four Beasts of Daniel Ch 7 and todays end imes symbolism. The dominace of Great Britain, (the Lion), Russia and the Soviet Union, (the Bear), the USA, (the Leopard), followed by the emergence of the One World Government of Rev Ch 13, (S. Dobbs, 1992, notes 2022)As the 4th Beast in Dan Ch 7 is thought to symbolise both the Roman Empire historically as well as the One World Government of Rev Ch 13 in the end times-  so the previous three empires in Daniel 7 also have a double symbolism. The Lion represent Great Britain, the Bear Russia/the Soviet Union, the Leopard the USA in the end times... [more info]

(A28) Babylon: The Free Market Economy and the Catholic Church, (S. Dobbs, 2003): Firstly I felt prompted by God to read Revelation Chapter 17 and 18 again. As I did so the Holy Spirit immediately showed me how relevant my friends interpretation of Babylon had been, particularly Rev Ch 17 v 6, “I saw the woman, “(Babylon)” drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.” I already knew that the Catholic Church had persecuted believers who did not submit to the Pope in the past but this was the first time God had shown me how relevant this was..." [more info]

(A29) The Fall of Babylon; The Worlds Economic System to be Destroyed by Ten Kings, (S. Dobbs, Oct 2004):In the following word the Holy Spirit revealed to me that ten democratically elected leaders*, from seven of the G8 group of industrialised nations, will decide to destroy the worlds system of commerce and industry, (i.e. Babylon). At first this does not appear to make sense since the strength & wealth of the nations they will rule depends on a healthy state of trade and industry around the world. Democratically elected western leaders would also seem to be the least likely to..."   [more info]







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