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Next Spiritually Deceptive Dangers: 

C70** Three Judgements and Gods Last Word on America, (John Mulinde, 2004)

A40** The Beast from the Earth, the Interfaith and the Dangers of Self Promotion Amongst Some Christians, (S. Dobbs, 2005). [The main section is emphasised in A62;  "Fallen Angels and an ocult anointing will soon sweep across the Church of the Western World," (S. Dobbs, 2010)]

B16  An End Times Warnning, (Published in "New Covenant," February 1978)

Main Warning Prophecies, since 1998: For all other prophecies see links from the 3 Trees on Home Page, List's A, B and C: Since April 2021 I have been  adding articles to this warnings list as I think it's so important to get this info out, as this is how the end times have started to manifest. For other videos on the pundemic see this link

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Jan 2024        C98   Dean Phillips, 2024 US Presidential Candidate. A Word, (S. Dobbs, Jan 8th, 2024)

Sept 2023     A92  A Great Shaking Is Coming Upon The Church,  set eyes fully on Jesus as only they will stand, first 3 min’s of video below, (Mrs Garcia, 3rd Sept 2023)

Feb 2023:     C97   Comments on Asbury University, a Revival? Discernment followed a short Prediction at the end, (S. Dobbs, 18th Feb 2023)

July 2022    A89  Avoid Falling into Unbelief by following Jesus’ Teachings and to Prepare for the End Times and Emerging Global Government, (Steve Dobbs, 26th July, 2022)

Feb 2022    A24 Since Biden came to power the US keep confering with the G7 as their main strategic alliance organisation, as opposed to NATO or the E.U nations, this appears to relate to Word A24 of 2003.

May 2021   A86   An Authoritarian System is Creeping in Quickly and Surreptitiously. God will be at Work too Though Like an End Times Sunset, (S. Dobbs, 29, 4, 2021)

April 2021  A85 (An anointed prophetic revelation with notes and article added underneath) THE GLOBALIST'S PLAN; Cavid 19 Used To Assist Moves Towards Global Governance, (words changed to avoid censorship), (S. Dobbs, Feb 2020): (Ongoing, Spirit led Plan with article added, updated Oct 2022, please check out the latest edition. Warning from vax creator Dr Mikke Yeadonn, a former Vice President of Pffizer, (link), his final warning, 3 mins, (link). Please pray for him and all the Scientists, Virologists, Doctors and Nurses now speaking out as whistle blowers, they are being heavily censored, vilified online, and  assassination attempts have already occurred, some appear to have been sucessful.

Dec 2020     A84    The end times are here, a spiritual experience/warning, (S. Dobbs, 5th Dec, 2020)

Oct 2020      A82   The Implementation of Cardless, Cashless Technology, 666, (M. Aldrige, 2004)

Sept 2020    A80   (Video) A Warning to Christian Youtubers and Channels, (JourneywD'B, link, Nov 1st 2015)

July 2020    A79   There will be a bombardment of our senses as we head into the end times, (S. Dobbs 2003)

June 2020    A75   The Viras, Politics,  Luckdown, Globalist Agenda, Trump and Brexit, (words changed to avoid censorship), (S. Dobbs, 21st June, 2020), with notes at end on he present situation.

June 2020   A9** John Mulindes word for the UK and Europe, (1998)

June 2020   C84   The Future of Revival and African Christianity within the UK: (S. Dobbs and others, 2003 to 2020)

May 2020    A73   Brexit and Trump, (S. Dobbs, 2018), with final notes.

May 2020    A74   Chaos and Confusion, the Viras and the End Times, (words changed to avoid censorship), (S. Dobbs, 5th May, 2020)

Mar 2020     B20 The Viras, the media, do not fear,” (words changed to avoid censorship), (Mrs Berrat, March 27th, 2020)

Mar 2020     B19  The end times season has started, the Viras, (words changed to avoid censorship), (S. Dobbs, March 28th, 2020             

                                                - THE SEASON BEFORE THE PUNDEMIC STARTS BELOW -

Mar 2019     B17** Why Didn’t Anyone in the Bible Direct Prayer to the Holy Spirit? An article (S. Dobbs, 2005 to July 2021) 

April 2018   B16    An End Times Warnning, (Published in "New Covenant," February 1978)

Mar 2018    B15   Warning against joining Interfaith Meetings and Movement; (Patricia Higton, in the late 1980's)

Feb 2017    A72** The E.U, atheism, a One World Government, Luciferianism, and Satan’s perspective, (S. Dobbs, 2017)

Jan 2017    A71    Video: “The Wave of Deceit and Delusion is here,” (Victoria Segres Bates, 7th Jan 2017)

Nov 2016    A70   Brexit Prayer, the E. U and Last Days, (S. Dobbs and others, Nov 2016)

Oct  2016   C79*   Prayer, like Sizzors, Needed To Fully Cut Us Free From the E.U, (Gill, Feb 2016)

 Mar 2016    C78    The False Hope of a  Christian Global Apostolic Government, (S. Dobbs, Jan 2016)

 Nov 2015    A69** The Coming One World Religion, (S. Dobbs, 2011)

 Oct 2015    C74** Ez 38, the God of Magog War, Followed by a Move of Gods Spirit in the M. East, (S. Dobbs, 2002)

 Oct 2015     A68** The Falling Away, Grassroots Christianity, Interfaith, 666, One Wld Religion, (S. Dobbs, 2014)

Sept 2015    C71** The Raising up of the Black Race in the End Times, (S. Dobbs, 2003)

Sept 2015    C70** Three Judgements and Gods Last Word on America, (John Mulinde, 2004)

Aug 2015     A66   The Danger of Ministers Falling Away, (S. Dobbs, Aug 2015)

July 2015    C69   A division in the US, the Interfaith, Decisions to Make, (S. Dobbs June 2015)

July 2015     C68   A Pearl Harbour for the US Church - A Vision, (J. Kehrli, 1984)

July 2015     C67** The USA will be split into four Nations, (D. Smith, 2009)

July 2015     A65    The Times are Dark. The Kingdom of Light, (David Noakes, 2015)

July 2015     C65*   UK Grassroots Move of God and a fake Move within this, (S. Dobbs Oct 2014)

July 2015     C64   Many will soon abandon the faith across the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2014)

July 2012     B13** Seek An Inner Revival, (Mark Aldrige, 2002)

Aug 2011     C56    The Growth of Paganism in the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2011)

 Sept 2010    A62** An Occult Anointing and Fallen Angels Will Sweep Across the USA, (S. Dobbs, 2010)

 Sept 2010    C55     Acid Rain Cloud in the UK, (R. Smith, 1994)

 Sept 2010    A61    The Bride Will Leave Christendom, (W. Thomas, 1993)

 Sept 2010    A60   Two Boats, the True and False Churches, (M. Alleckna, 2010)

 Aug 2010     A58     False Teachings That Will Enter The Church, (S. Dobbs, 2006)

July 2010      C54**  A Sinking Ship, Falling away and a Grassroots Move in the UK, (S. Dobbs, 2006)

June 2010     A59    False Prophets and Bad Sheppard's. David Noakes’, (D . Noakes, 1994)

May 2009       A52    The European Union, E.U, (S. Dobbs, Aug 2007)

April 2009      A50    Vision of Christian Ministries, (B. Jenkinson, 2008)

Oct  2008       A47    Vision -Economy on Life Support, (B.H, 1997)

July 2008       B11    Why Does God Allow Deception Into The Church? - For Humility. (S. Dobbs, 2005)

July 2008       C47   Christian Leaders in Africa, Shouldn't  Compromise Gods Plans in Order to Stay in Unity With U.S      Ministers, (S. Dobbs, 2004) (S. Dobbs, 2004)

June 2008     C45** Waves of Deception Entering the UK, (David Noakes, 1990)

June 2008      A45**  Europe will be the Spiritual Centre of the Beast Empire, (S. Dobbs, 2007)

Winter 2007    A43** The Interfaith Movement, a False form of Christianity, to the End of the Age, (S. Dobbs 2006)

Jan 2007         C49*   Rapid moral decline in Europe. Political links with the USA. (S. Dobbs, Jan 2007)

Winter 2006     A42*   A Realigning of National Churches in the Body of Christ. (S. Dobbs, 2005)

Winter  2006    A40** The Beast from the Earth, the Interfaith, and the Dangers of Self Promotion Amongst Christians, (S. Dobbs, 2005)

Spring 2006    C33    Vision for the American Church, (Rev B . Franklin)

Spring 2006    C27** The Church of the U.S.A will be Filtered by Deception. (S. Dobbs, 2005)

Summer 2005 A25** A Counterfeit Christianity, One World Religion, the Beast from the Earth, (S. Dobbs, 2003)

Summer 2005 A24** The Emergence of the Beast from the Sea in the World Today, the G8 Group of Nations, (S. Dobbs, 2003)

Summer 2005 A23*  Three Aspects to the Beast, (S. Dobbs, 1998)



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